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 Systems: Classes and List

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PostSubject: Systems: Classes and List   Systems: Classes and List Icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2016 3:18 pm

There are very few classes on this forum. In fact, there are only 4 classes, only two of which may be selected freely, the others requiring a certain amount of quality and staff permission to craft. This is to say, there are two free classes and two restricted classes. The free classes make up the bulk of the members, whereas the restricted classes are rare and considerably powerful, to the degree where we limit the numbers very tightly. These numbers will be increased as more members join the site and fill our ranks. Staff members who take restricted classes will not use up restricted class slots, but they will be held to the same standards as everyone else.

Free Classes

Borrowed Power User
This is the very most basic class available to anyone for use. A Borrowed Power User starts as a basic character without a class, and upon reaching Fighter Tier Level 8, the character will attain access to a custom Borrowed Power which they will craft themselves. This borrowed power will, starting from then on, receive stat points equal to what their user gains on a level-to-level basis, and these stat points will be spent on  Borrowed Power Stats.

Pros: Gain access to a unique Borrowed Power which gives them supernatural abilities that they can manipulate for high ranking, high powered techniques.
Cons: A Borrowed Power user is barred access from moves beyond rank 8, unless they at least partially make use of their unique Borrowed Power. There are also abilities present which can seal off the Borrowed Power temporarily.

Mutu Clan Member
This is a similarly basic class which is also available for anyone to use. A Mutu Clan Member starts as a basic character without a class, and upon reaching Fighter Tier Level 8, the character, instead of learning Borrowed Power, located the secret scrolls of their Martial Art, and decides to forgo the versatile ability in favor of honing their art personally. Instead of gaining a Borrowed Power which gains extra stats for supernatural abilities, a Mutu Clan Member gains these stats personally, and they can spend them on regular stats.

Pros: Gain a higher pool of personal stats, and access to moves above rank 8 without need for a Borrowed Power.
Cons: Lacking a Borrowed Power is considered a handicap, since they lack a similarly unpredictable ability. No Borrowed Power Stats makes for very vanilla superhuman feats.

Restricted Classes

Slots Taken

A mage is a restricted class because they gain access to magic. A mage is a variant of a Borrowed Power User in that their upper echelons of power are restricted should they lack a Borrowed Power for whatever reason. That is where the similarities stop. A mage begins the game with the Martial Art: Mage/Wizard/something magic sounding. This martial art gives them access to a pool of elements (traditional, like fire, water, lightning, etc) instead of normal Specializations. The specializations are the Mage's Specializations as a Magic user, and gain benefits as such.

A Mage can make Moves which are like spells using these elements (though no others) through the use of a focus item, like a wand or a ring. So a Mage specializing in Lightning could make a lightning bolt emit from their crystal ball to shock victims. At Fighter Tier Level 8 they gain access to a Borrowed Power, which acts as a catalyst for their magic, and is usually based on a famous magician of some sort. This Borrowed Power allows for more fantastical elements of magic such as 'Alchemy' or 'Creation'.

Pros: Start with higher GP, has access to very supernatural abilities at the start.
Cons: Start with lower HP, supernatural abilities cast from GP. Requires use of their Borrowed Power to cast spells above rank 8.

Slots Taken

A Key is a human who has forged a contract with a God or Monster in the sage realm either through direct contact or telepathic link, often at a young age. These characters have access to a powerful alternate form which gives them powers akin to a Borrowed Power. This "Key Form" as it is known, acts as a Borrowed Power in all respects, even gaining stats as the user does and having Borrowed Power stats. The key difference is that these benefits are from the start. The user has it at Fighter Tier Level 2 (starting point), and it starts with 8 Stat Points.

The user otherwise gains stats as a Mutu Clan Member, starting at Fighter Tier Level 8 as usual. Their Key Form also gains stats at this advanced rate. The Key Form, when used, uses up all of their GP, reducing them to -1 GP. They have an equal pool of GP to use while in this form. Each post costs 1 point on its own, and powers cost the normal amount, varying by move. Once the user exits their Key Form, they may not enter it again for the remainder of the thread, or at least until a sufficient time skip occurs in the thread, several IC hours at least. This is regardless of how much they used in the form. Key forms can be sealed.

Pros: Keys are able to seal and unseal Borrowed Powers. They are immensely powerful on their own, and have a powerful Key Form from the start which adds to their potential. Add in benefits of Mutu Clan Members.
Cons: Key Forms may only be activated very infrequently, once per thread usually, though it only actually requires several IC hours passing between uses. Sealing Powers requires a vast amount of GP to execute. (Must match target's remaining GP). Unsealing is much easier.
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Systems: Classes and List
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