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 Open and Staff Positions

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Open and Staff Positions Empty
PostSubject: Open and Staff Positions   Open and Staff Positions Icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2016 10:18 pm

Project God of High School is currently built enough for members to join in, create characters, and begin roleplaying. Therefore I announce this site as open.

What we are currently lacking is a full roster of Staff Members to keep the site running should the admin (that being myself) find himself unable to do things for some extended amount of time. PM me if you want to fill a position. The positions which need to be filled are as follows.

General Moderator
1/3 Filled

Moderators are simply expected to uphold and enforce the rules of the site, as well as check applications, move them when they're approved, and assist members who PM them with questions, requests and such like that. Similarly, they are to be active members who are willing to roleplay with new members.

Current Moderators
Pyramidion: Close personal friend to Admin, lives within nagging proximity.

0/2 Filled

Judges are people who act as moderators, but they merely moderate Storylines, Official PvP Matches, and Training thread. They are empowered to fairly judge (hence their title) and reward any such thread. This job is also performed by General Moderators and Admins as well. Information regarding Thread Judgement will be present in the staff boards, mostly so as to not support minmaxed threads.

Propaganda Mod
0/1 Filled

The last job which is needed for the site to thrive. We need a person who enjoys advertising, or is at least willing to spend time doing it. It's the only way to bring in new members, and new members can turn into active members. It would be wonderful if everyone could pitch in on this and advertise everywhere they can until this site is basically an inescapable fact of life, but a single member dedicated to spreading the word and hyping the forum is technically all we require.
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Open and Staff Positions
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