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"There was a voice that thundered from the woods..."

Blackburn, California: A city along the pacific coast surrounded by a wide forest expanse, built upon the charred remains of an isolated incident involving natural gas leaking from the crust and a bolt of lightning, a couple hundred years ago.

This city holds among the most traditional American spirit from the early 21st century, but that's not all it holds. With the rise to power of the gang known as the Vipers, under the leadership of an unspeakably powerful young man, the city has been thrown into upheaval. The only thing standing in the way of total dominion over the city is the resistance of the students from local high schools.

Inspired by a voice which thundered down from the heavens, those who were once everyday kids, decided to push against the advance of the Viper Gang. But all this first wave could provide Blackburn was time. Time for the others to awaken to who they truly are, and determine what it means to be strong.

Allegiances will form! Friendships shall flourish! Hearts will break! Fate itself shall be twisted into knots! Gods shall war! The status quo will be turned inside out!

Will the strong defend the weak, or will they rule over them with an iron fist?

Will there be peace?

Project: God of Highschool

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