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 Cecilia Rosethorn [WIP]

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Cecilia Rosethorn

Cecilia Rosethorn

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Cecilia Rosethorn [WIP] LITFwn5  

Name: Cecilia 'Cel' Rosethorn
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen
Height: 5'8" [173 Centimeters]
Weight: 127 lbs [58 Kg]

Attitude: Fast paced, intense, and mischievous. Those are the words that somebody can use to describe Cecilia. She never goes slow and always pulls others into her fast paced life. She is so active and vibrant during the day time that people doubt that she sleeps. Intensity, can be used to describe how she takes everything. She takes life to the extreme and always pushes herself over the limit.

She is an honest girl who never lies and is straightforward with everything. Some could call her naive and idealistic and that would not be a lie. Her view of the world is black and white, at least that is what it seems like to others. Even with good ideals what you do with them is what it matters.

Another dominant feature of her personality is her mischievousness. She loves to play pranks and mess with people. If you are at the butt end of her pranks consider it a message that she considers you a friend....or she just really loves to mess with you. She is a pretty friendly person which makes her easy to befriend. She loves to socialize and talk to others since she feels more....alive this way.

And another side of her personality that people don't see is her determination. She never gives up once she puts her mind to something and always strives to complete that task. In the face of adversary her passion to win only continues to escalate. It would be no understatement to say that she is at her strongest whenever the stakes are at the highest.

  • To Friends: To her friends she is a mischievous prankster who loves to see their astonishment. She always drags them with her on her bizarre adventures so being her friend is no walk in the park. Yet she is a easy person to befriend but be wary once you are a friend it is hard to escape. Hell, if you betray her she will punch you and tell you that you better buy lunch this afternoon.

  • To Allies: To her allies she is a trustworthy teammate. She considers it dishonorable and a stain on her pride to betray her allies and will gladly defend any of her allies. Even her allies will be on the end of her pranks so....they better be careful as well.

  • To Foes: To foes she laughs in their face. Stop her? In their wildest dreams but regardless she welcomes any challenge. Hell, even after everything is said and done she might as well befriend them afterwards. But either way she likes to settle things with her fists and only through fighting will she get a glean on their true nature.

  • To Enemies: Enemies are something that is rare for Cecilia. She doesn't really hold anything against people and thus the hatefulness will only be one-sided.

Cecilia Rosethorn is what would be described as a tomboyish girl. She has reddish-pink hair that she usually puts up in a bun. If one was to rub their hand through her hair they would find it to be unbelievably silky. The way she speaks is more so dominantly. At least when compared to other normal girls. This only adds to her tomboyish flare. Even with her tomboyish flare her face is feminine. Her light pink eyes are somewhat angled which give her some suspicions for Asian descent.

Her height is fairly tall for a girl even rivaling some males. Her figure is curvaceous and womanly despite her.....not so feminine dressing habits. Even with her curvaceous figure her muscles are still toned. She doesn't have enough muscles to the point of having them bulging but they are noticeable.

FC: Moon Young Lee from Girls of the Wild


  • Boxing - It's her passion.
  • Red Pandas - They are her spirit animal......I think.
  • Meat - The food kind, you pervert.


  • Cold Weather - Training in cold weather is awful.
  • Excess Sweat - Being covered in sweat is not on her list.
  • Studying - Why would she need to study when she could be training!?
  • Dirty Fighters - Fighting is supposed to be a respectful sport!
  • Ketchup, Mustard, etc - Please keep that fifty feet away from her.

Some people grew up without friends. Some grew up without parents. Yet for Cecilia she grew up without a place to call home. A place where no matter what she did, no matter how hard she worked she would not be recognized.

Tier: Fighter
Physical Level: 2
HP: --
GP: --
Martial Art Name: Boxing [In-Boxing | Southpaw Style]
Other Names: Glove Game, Sparring
Description: Boxing is a sport that has been around for centuries. Along with that time it has developed into many styles, one of those being the 'in-boxing' style. Inboxing(or swarming) has its practitioners fight aggressively. They keep the pressure up on their target and never lets a gap form between them and their target. That is not to say that practitioners of the in-boxing style are slow. It is actually the opposite. Practitioners of the in-boxing style are very swift and have excellent reactions. Even if they are close on their target they are exceptionally fast, allowing them to dodge punches even while there is barely any distance between them.

There are two stances that boxers go with. The Orthodox Style which was made for right hand dominant people and the Southpaw Style which was made for left hand dominant people. Practitioners lead with their right side instead of their left side. But they can also lead with their left side, utilizing the common Orthodox style. This can send opponents into confusion and dismay upon seeing a boxer switch between the Southpaw Style and Orthodox Style. People who use the Southpaw style are at an advantage in boxing matches, due to the rarer nature of dominant left hand boxer. While this is an 'advantage' this is also a disadvantage since there are few masters of the Southpaw style.

Specialties: Punching, Dodging, Footwork

Sub-specialties: Blocking, Breathing, Countering

History: The history of boxing is something that goes back to the third millennium BC. Ancient Sumerian text depicts Sumerians using boxing to relive stress. Boxing has been around for the longest of time. Yet it's popularity did not spike until the practice and wearing of swords became less and less appreciated. Later there was a sport that resurfaced in England called 'Bare Knuckle Fight' which was essentially boxing.

Boxing during it's first real startup had no rules, no referee and it was chaotic. Eventually the first rules were introduced by champion, Jack Broughton in 1743. In the nineteenth century boxing had no credit to it's name. It was banned entirely in England and in much of the United States. Many considered it unrefined and a sport for savages yet despite all the hardships these boxers faced they continued and now in the twentieth century boxing has some credit to it's name.

Punching [Solid]: 3 [6]
Kicking [Solid]: 1
Blocking [Solid]: 1 [2]
Dodging [Solid]: 2 [5]
Footwork [Solid]: 2 [5]
Countering [Solid]: 1 [2]
Breathing [Abstract]: 2 [3]
Instinct | Predication [Abstract]: 3
Sweating [Abstract]: 2
Determination [Skill]: 5


Boxing Techniques:

Breathing Techniques:

Dodging Techniques:

Instinctive Techniques:

Predictive Techniques:

Sweating Techniques:
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Cecilia Rosethorn [WIP]
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