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 Mitch Banning

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PostSubject: Mitch Banning   Mitch Banning Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2016 10:30 pm

Mitch Banning YOLAmnB

Name: Mitch Banning
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs (~67 kg)

Attitude: Mitch is a bit grating in the personality department. He is a strapping roughneck who doesn't take shit from anyone if he can help it. Whilst he doesn't go out of his way to be a jerk, he most certainly isn't afraid of it. He has a soft spot for young children, and has a tendency to use outdated language, especially in reference to the ladies. (Doll, Dame, Toots)

  • To Friends: They say that friendship for some people is just a conglameration of shallow and insincere hostilities. This holds especially true for Mitch. He holds his friends in high regard, and expects a lot out of them on a personal level. He is prone to responding with statements that with a normal inflection would sound hostile, but by his intonation, he's obviously joking, or at least not seriously considering it as an option. He's quite chummy with his friends, and often seeks to hook them up with ladies they may be crushing on.
  • To Allies: Mitch sees his allies as people who are helping him achieve a goal. If that is not what they are doing he will berate them for being in the way. While not overtly hostile, he lacks patience for people who are hindering his goals for any reason. Nonetheless, if an ally is actually a good ally, he's more than happy to have their help. Unless they're obsessing over details. Perfectionists rub him the wrong way.
  • To Foes: Boy oh boy! Time for a scuffle? Awesome, lets get this shit done! We are making this happen! Mitch is exceedingly happy to have an opponent, he gets very pumped when he gets the chance to test out his skills on a legitimate opponent. People who wish to stop him from achieving his goal are the most likely asides his friends to see him grin with joy, since he absolutely loves fighting. In the case of more social bouts, he's far less excited about it, and even very likely to be infuriated.
  • To Enemies: He doesn't like to keep enemies. Mitch thinks that all disputes should be settled as soon as they come up, whether it be settling the score the old fashioned way, or agreeing to disagree in a civil mannerism. When he and someone else are sustained enemies, one can be sure that a fight is going to erupt out soon. And he will keep on fighting them until they are best friends, or until one of them has finally lost the match. He tends to concede that the stronger man is right.


  • Fighting
  • People Who Dress Wildly
  • Classical Music


  • Peaceful Debates
  • Those Who Insult His Pompadour
  • Gangsters

There's not much to say about Mitch, he was born in a middle class family in what is now Blackburn's Middletown. He attended St Mary's school chain, and for a while was surrounded by a crowd of gangsters from the Black Hawk gang (before it was known as the Vipers). He didn't much care for the ongoings, so he adopted himself a tough guy persona, which he used to get through school life. When he transferred over to Sunset High School, he was content with maintaining his cool, tough visage, albeit that became much harder when nobody around him tried to beat him up or extort him ever.

Nonetheless prior this transfer, he was known in St. Mary's High for utilizing a bat as a weapon to take down the multitude of gangsters who would attempt to extort and/or recruit him. They called him 'the Butcher', an attempt at irony in that he used a style of swordsmanship, and yet never cut anyone. Possibly because it was illegal, possibly because he was making a statement. Either way, he's somewhat well known for being a badass around town. Just his name is enough to catch the attention of tough guys around town. A lot of people want to fight him. A lot of people are going to wind up with concussions.

He is not an only child. He has a younger brother, who happens to be in the middle school symphonic orchestra. Mitch likes his little brother, and his little brother sees Mitch as some sort of wicked cool action hero. This whole situation is probably the sole reason why he gives a crap about any sort of music, let alone Classical. It's mostly out of being impressed of the instrumentalists' skills on their respective musical gizmos. He could never hope to be that talented at any tool, really.

Tier: Fighter
Physical Level: 3
HP: 602
GP: 38
Martial Art Name: Kendo
Other Names: Japanese Fencing
Description: Kendo is a full contact sword style, which is practiced wearing heavy padding all around the body, often with wooden swords. It was used in the era of the samurai on the fields of war, and since those days, has not changed much, remaining brutally efficient as a means of fighting. Users of this style are often known to carry a 'daisho' which is a pair of blades, being a Katana (Longsword) and a Wakizashi (Shortsword), often completed as a set with a Tanto (Dagger, practically). Not all do, but traditionally practitioners did. This style focuses on the use of swords for attack and defense, as well as various stances for advantageous position where one would not normally see such. In many works of fiction, practitioners of kendo could use their sword to create cutting blades of air.

Specialties: Slashing, Blocking, Stances
Sub-Specialties: Trick Slashing, Stabbing, Air Manipulation

Wikipedia Excerpt:

Stats: 10 Stat Points//5 Skill Points
Punching [Solid]: 3 [2]
Kicking [Solid]: 3 [2]
Slashing [Weapon]: 7 (6+1) [2]
Blocking [Solid]: 4
Stances [Solid]: 4
Trick Slashing [Weapon]: 4 [2]
Stabbing [Weapon]: 2
Air Manipulation [Abstract]: 2
Mjolnir [National Treasure]: 3 [2]

Fighting Spirit [Skill]: 4
Intimidation [Skill]: 3

One Point - Tier 3
Martial Art: Kendo
Type: Slash
Description: A fierce attack wherin the user swings as if to score a point, aiming to crush the opponent's defense. This is immediately followed by another attack, albeit a weaker one (as if freeform), aiming to strike normally.

Gagaga Fierce Combo - Tier 3
Martial Art: Kendo
Type: Slashing
Description: An attack which involves trading off the individual power of an attack for a greater number of ferocious slashing attacks. Because of how many attacks are being executed, it's far more difficult to defend against entirely, and it's basically impossible to counterattack. This attack rarely leaves foes more than marginally cut up.

Excellent Aside - Tier 3
Martial Art: Kendo
Type: Blocking
Description: A typical parry, which aims to swat the opponent's attack aside. This technique displaces the opponent's attack to one side, either making it miss entirely (if ranged) or leaving them wide open (if melee). This is done oddly gently, so it can only parry the attack aside if the damage that would be done is 24 or less (240 against Civilians), otherwise the attack will go through with little issue.

Edit Log:
Fighter Tier Level 3 -- 12/30 Exp:

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PostSubject: Re: Mitch Banning   Mitch Banning Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 12:07 am

You're good to go. Have fun!

Mitch Banning My_sta12
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