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 Dimaria Southern

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Dimaria Southern

Dimaria Southern

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PostSubject: Dimaria Southern   Dimaria Southern Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 5:29 am

Dimaria Southern OfjiCys

Name: Dimaria Southern
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen
Height: 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)

Attitude: Dimaria generally exerts a sense of authority on the exterior. To people she comes off as calm, collected and the epitome of graceful. People come to respect, fear or hate her for it and as her expression would convey, few things faze her. Alas, she is in fact a very generous, kind, caring and humble person. If she sees someone in need, she'll go to their aid, if you want something just ask her and she'll cooperate. And pretty much the moment a person actually try to reach her, they can count on her to reach back.

Alas, beneath both these farces of authority and kindness, is a manipulator. She is fond of manipulating people and has a strange fascination with it. She'll pretend to be your friend for the simple sake of getting what she wants out of you. She isn't petty and hates petty people, so her motives usually aren't for petty things, such as money or clothing, etc. No no, her motives are always unknown, even to her, until she the right time arrives to use you. She might betray you, she might humiliate you - you would never really know what's coming.

In some sense, she kind of believes she's doing others a favor since she somewhat has a thing for making people better, as somewhat a deranged philanthropist. She has made quite a few enemies for her deceptive habit, albeit she has a incredible force of will that makes her unfazed by it all.

  • To Friends: Manipulative and deceptive by hobby, Dimaria consider few people her friends and few people would know whether to trust her as a friend. The line is always blurred with her, and a part of her likes to leave it that way. Those who she does consider her friends though she would do absolutely anything for. Funnily though, she tends to be more serious with her friends than she is with people she's pretending to be friends with though.
  • To Allies: Dimaria is surprisingly quite friendly with people she simply considers "allies". Still, a person would never really know where they stand with her, and she makes sure of it though since she treats allies/acquaintances just as she would her true friends. She'll cook for you, she'll give you things she cherishes. Whatever, all just to deceive you further.
  • To Foes: As a manipulator, Dimaria would rather beat you mentally rather than physically (or both). She rarely immediately resorts to violence though and would rather take fun in breaking you mentally. She has no qualms fighting where necessary though, albeit she avoids killing - although would do so where necessary.
  • To Enemies: It is rare for Dimaria to hate anyone really. You can spit in her coffee, kick her to near death and she would be nice to you because she knows doing otherwise would only be given a person power over her. The only way one might have a chance of making an enemy out of her is hurting someone she cares about. Just as foes though, she likes to keep her enemies close though and a person would never really know where they stand with her.


  • Sewing - She likes sewing little cute things onto her clothing. That said, she has terrible fashion sense.
  • Cooking - She likes cooking, especially for others, albeit is terrible at it.
  • Manipulation - As said, she likes manipulating people to her serve her cause, whatever it be.
  • Cute things - Puppies, kittens, little faces, etc. She's not the type who's all "OMG SO CUTE", but she certainly gravitates towards cute things.


  • Pettiness - She hates petty people/things (meaning if she manipulates you, don't bitch about it, get back at her for it).
  • Weak Wills - Having an indomitable will herself, she mostly only befriend those who she sees the same attributes in.
  • Slackers - Don't let her find you cutting classes or any of that.
  • Prejudice - "Don't judge a book by it's cover," she always says.


  • Was born into a rich American/Japanese family, native to Japan. Her father owning his wealth to his shareholding in multiple companies, while her mother was the vice-principal of Clearwater High. She was the second of three daughters.
  • Learned Martial Arts and her current style, "The One Draw Style", when she was eight. Her teacher was a old man who she had stumbled across a day during a class field trip into the mountains.
  • From Japan, moved with her sister younger sister to California when she was fourteen to enroll in Clearwater High with her bitch of a mother.

Tier: Fighter
Physical Level: 2
HP: 694
GP: 27
Martial Art Name: One Draw Style
Other Names: One Hit Style
Description: The One Draw Style is a relatively uncommon style that focuses upon defeating one's enemies with a single attack or as little as possible. The style is not for everyone, as it is reliant on the user have great patience, willpower/fortitude and calculating focus. They need to be able to endure or outlast their targets, so as that they can find a sufficient opening to deal the a single blow on their target and finish them with such. Every action counts with this style as one slip up can cost them, whether they are defending or attacking.

There are two classifications of fighting styles with this style. There are the speed types who rely on speed too keep their enemies away from them and outlast them. Then there is the endurance types who endure everything their foes throw at them before dealing their killing blow. When attacking their are also two types; the power type and the precision type. Power types opt for finishing battles with nothing but the sheer force of their attack, without any regards to holding back, whereas the less common precision types are usually skilled combat analyses who find opens in their opponent's offense and then strike where it hurts most.

The style was initially developed by a swordsman who sought to improve the standard Iaido techniques, albeit since then a few skilled fighters have managed to use it in hand to hand combat. Much like that of a game, their attacks have come to be known as "Finishers". Accumulation is everything to the users of the style, and the more time they restrain from attacking is the more power they can draw. Attack is extremely limited and users can only strike a single time and become incapacitated soon after from the sheer effort put into that single attack.

Given the nature of the style, while fighting most users also opt for weakening their foes. They'd gradually where on their foes, leer them into traps, play mind games, tire them out. Any and everything they use is all for the sake of setting up their finisher and ending it there. It can be a rather troublesome and handicapped, albeit effective when it matters most.

Every user of the style is equipped with a single offensive technique. And while most fighters exhibit the ability to focus/charge their moves to gain more power behind their strikes, users of this style has only this single move as their primary offense. By focusing/charging they are able to increase both the tier and number of instances for the technique, per post. Albeit, regardless of how many posts the user stop charging at, the technique is one done at full power and even using it's weakest form, users are only able to use it as many as on time.

Specialties: Slashing, Blocking, Breathing / conservation.
Sub-Specialties: Dodging, Instincts, Pressure Points / deconstruction.
History: Derived from that of the standard Iaido, The One Draw style was developed soon after by a rogue swordsman who was intent on improving upon the foundation of the standard technique. The style had caused him much suffering, as time after time he was defeated, people laughing at him as they saw no reason as to why he refused to draw his sword. With time, came mastery over the technique, which eventually lead to it being handed down. To this day, it remains a rather uncommonly taught style, both for it's impractical use and how few people know it.


  • Slashing [Weapon]: 8 [+3]
  • Punching [Solid]: 1
  • Kicking [Solid]: 1
  • Blocking [Solid]: 8 [+3]
  • Dodging [Solid]: 2 [+1]
  • Trick Slashing [Weapon]: 1
  • Pressure Points [Abstract]: 2 [+1]
  • Breathing [Abstract]: 4 [+3]
  • Instincts [Abstract]: 2 [+1]
  • Analysis [Skill]: 1
  • Mental Fortitude [Skill]: 5
  • Charisma [Skill]: 1

Finisher Moves:
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PostSubject: Re: Dimaria Southern   Dimaria Southern Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 6:12 am

Alright, everything appears to be in order.

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Dimaria Southern
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