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 Kurohyou Jackson

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PostSubject: Kurohyou Jackson   Kurohyou Jackson Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 11:26 pm

Kurohyou Jackson BNKrZAM

Name: Ken "Kurohyou" Jackson
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 190 cm (6 Ft. 3 In.)
Weight: 94 kg (207 lb.)

Attitude: Ken is a stoic young man, someone who doesn’t usually tell his feelings to others, or state whether he is in pain which is troublesome for those who care for him. He takes most situations seriously, and doesn’t like to deviate from an objective and isn’t very talkative outside of when something needs to be stated. However, when he shows emotions, they are genuine, though rare, his smiles and his promises are kept, as he never keeps promises he doesn’t think he can keep. He is also intolerant of things that he considers wrong, such as “true” crimes like placing innocents in danger, or misrepresenting “justice” when all something is, is self-gain, something like that. He is a simple-minded person though, and usually does what he feels is right or just because he feels he can. Despite his lack of wordplay, he shows his feelings through his actions though when it comes to school, his book smarts are lacking and he's not great at complicated planning...

  • To Friends: To those he knows, and to those he protects, he has a sense of loyalty to the innocent and his closest friends, something built from his own brand of “justice” is to protect and defend such things even when there is little to be gained but his own demise, this comes despite his cold and stoic exterior. He acts more clumsily and isn't taken as seriously.
  • To Allies: To those he allies, he shows no second thought to protecting or defending them, and shows great worry for them if they are hurt though not vocally so. He's not as expressive to them as he would be to his friends. But he treats them with respect, though can be cold and quiet to them as he doesn't know enough about them. He will fight alongside them without complaint.
  • To Foes: To those who he must fight, he shows no hard feelings to. He fights them in a focused manor, and strikes without restraining himself. Against those who turn their backs on him or people who ally to him, he shows no restraint either. Though if they come back and join them or if foes turn into allies because of a common goal, he treats them as he would his allies, though doesn't immediately trust them.
  • To Enemies: To his enemies, he shows a sheer tranquil fury. If he fights with no restraint to his foes, he fight likes a machine to those who are his enemies. Not caring how hurt they become, though doesn't wish to take away their existence only beating them into an unconscious state instead. Though if they do something he finds unforgivable, that changes as well and he chooses to annihilate them.


  • Fights
  • "Fighting" Manga
  • Peace
  • Cute Animals
  • Friendships
  • Freedom


  • School
  • Loud Noises
  • Puzzles
  • Arrogance
  • Bugs
  • Arguing
  • Oppression


Kurohyou, a lover of fighting manga and mysterious fighter from Illinois, Chicago is known for being an excellent fighter. Kurohyou was once a normal guy, but got bullied when he was younger. Wishing to be more like the heroes of his favorite manga (even dressing like a stereotypical Banchou). He trained, and trained until he got stronger through the years. With that strength came the ability to fight, though he wished to do so in secret thanks to the worry of his parents. So no one truly knew much about him, and due to his wild nature, black skin and constant thirst for an interesting fight he became known as "Black Panther" of which he took a liking to. He used a translation device to know just what said name was called in Japanese which gave him "Kurohyou".

Stereotypical Banchou Dress:

Constant fighting against "weak" adversaries had made Kurohyou bored. So imagine his surprise when hearing about Blackburn's situation getting worse than it already was from the news. Considering this, he knew it was his biggest chance. So he took all of his monetary savings, saved more money through part time jobs, and ran away from home to Blackburn wishing to take on the gang and get something interesting going with his life, while also leaving behind school and his parents.

Tier: Fighter (Starts at Fighter Tier, you may opt to start, lower. Edit remaining sections appropriately)
Physical Level: 3
HP: 732
GP: 21
Martial Art Name: Garyuu Rantou - Self-Taught Brawling
Other Names: Quarreling, Scrapping, Scuffling, "Opening A Can of Whoop-Ass".
Description: There isn't much to say about this style really. It's literally the oldest fighting style known to man, that may or may not make it the best. Usually it's situated that brawling is something that is based on freedom, how the person thinks, how they like to fight, or whatever. Absolute freedom is what it is called by many, the freedom to do anything you wish so long as you know what you're doing and not looking like a moron.

There's no set training on how one develops their fighting skills. The best training to someone who can be called an "official" brawler is fighting. Sure, they can learn some techniques through practice or imitation and they can train their muscles like any other martial artist. But when it comes right down to it, life's most natural learning tool is to take a punch to the face and learn how to dodge, or take a kick to the "family jewels" and learn not to be so stiff when fighting. So yeah, experience is the pride and joy of this "style". You don't even need to just use your fists, bring a weapon, bring twenty weapons, it doesn't matter, you're a brawler!

No two brawlers are really alike, some even have specialties in how they fight mixing up a few styles together to get the result they like most. Some may have the same moves, but how they are done, and how they use what they have is entirely based around their own mindsets. Anyone can be a brawler, so it's all about your own experiences. The most obvious thing to understand when being a brawler, is to make it your own. Use what you have around you and don't take for granted what little things can affect a battle. Dirty-fighting is a thing, just like some brawlers can be "clean" and fight honorably, there are literally no rules! You just do what comes naturally to you. That's the essence of truly "Self-taught Brawling" after all.

Specializations: Punching, Kicking, Dodging
Sub Specializations: Instincts, "Dirty Moves", and Acrobatics.
History: The first ever fighting style presented in history! Millions upon millions of years ago developed by homosapiens (?) who had a "spat" over their territories or "belongings". They developed this "system" of fighting, using whatever means to win and for overtaking their adversaries. It was a system of survival. Sticks, rocks, dust, it didn't matter. They fought to win, and many times played for keeps. The style grew so popular that its creation led to some of the most complex of styles being created. It is truly the birth of martial arts in its own way, and is and shall always be the forefront of any style. Brawling was interchangeable, dynamic, and most of all limitless!


Punching [Solid]: 7 [10] +3
Kicking [Solid]: 1 [4] +3
Blocking [Solid]: 2
Dodging [Solid]: 3 [6] +3
Instincts [Abstract]: 2 [3] +1
Dirty Moves [Solid]: 1 [2] +1
Acrobatics [Solid]: 2 [3] +1
Determination [Skill]: 5 (4)

Striking Techniques:

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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou Jackson   Kurohyou Jackson Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 6:44 am

Alright. Looking good.

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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou Jackson   Kurohyou Jackson Icon_minitimeThu Jan 14, 2016 11:33 pm

Finished Threads:
Arrival x Excitement -  27 Exp and Punching +1 [Level Up - Fighter Tier 3]

Total EXP: 7/30
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Kurohyou Jackson
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