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 The Near Shore - A Noragami RP

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TNS Amin

The Near Shore - A Noragami RP Empty
PostSubject: The Near Shore - A Noragami RP   The Near Shore - A Noragami RP Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 10:29 pm

The Near Shore - A Noragami RP 3eb44bc6-880b-4791-8f44-161d5ddd7695_zps9tfsrjlr

The Near Shore is a new Noragami role-playing site! Members can create God, Regalia, and human characters who will have to decide their loyalties as masked phantoms threaten to destroy the Gods once and for all. We welcome role-payers of all skill levels and do not require our members to have prior knowledge about the series. We are always looking for new members to help the site grow!
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The Near Shore - A Noragami RP
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