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 Burichi | Bleach [A Non-Canon AU Bleach RP | PB | LB]

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PostSubject: Burichi | Bleach [A Non-Canon AU Bleach RP | PB | LB]   Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:33 am

✣ ✣ Burichi | Bleach ✣ ✣


✣ Burichi is an alternate universe role-play site focused on the series Bleach, set in the modern era years after a devastating world war. Refocusing and rebuilding - although Japan is hardly struggling with their thriving economy - peace is found from prohibiting advances in weapons technology and banning most guns and large-scale weaponry throughout the world.

✣ While Burichi has a plot and site-wide events-contests, it is mainly focused on individual-driven plot from the member base; in order to allow a character to develop to the member's liking! Help make Burichi a fun, rich place of role-play and diversity!

✣ If you are interested in joining, all characters must be original; no canon characters from the actual series.

✣ Play as a Shinigami, a type of hollow, Arrancar, Bount, Mod-Soul, Spiritually-Aware Human, Quincy, or Vizard! Many of the higher positions are readily available and most have cool themes!

✣ If you have any questions, approach the friendly staff here at burichi; introduce yourself to everyone either through the introduction board or the chat box! Our number one goal is to have fun and please, enjoy your stay at Burichi!

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Burichi | Bleach [A Non-Canon AU Bleach RP | PB | LB]
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