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 James Wilder

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James Wilder

James Wilder

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PostSubject: James Wilder    James Wilder  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2016 4:31 pm

James Wilder  42703ef54bdf3ee78c3cd77600d9408b

Name: James Wilder
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5ft 8” (173)
Weight: 176 (80)

Attitude: To the average onlooker, James will appear to be a very polite, well presented young man who works hard. He rarely ever walks between places, he’ll always be jogging to save time and stay active. When in the company of others who don’t wish to run, he’ll still do it, but spend most of his time running backwards and even running rings around the other people as not to outrun them.

Whilst very tolerant and understanding of the views of others, he is not one to stand by whilst he can see a crime in active commission. Be it a theft, a battery or a an armed robbery. Generally at least, if the case is that where he will be of no use he will often just walk on by unless something strikes an emotional chord with him.

Most of the time he is very honest for purely selfish reasons, lying requires you to remember the lie as well as making sure it doesn’t contradict the known facts. It’s simply too much work for too little benefit. If he is at fault for something he’ll openly hold up his hands, admit it and take whatever punishment is due.

  • To Friends: To his friends James is very outgoing, light hearted and tries to lead social interactions. He’ll also show a teasing side he doesn’t usually show, making light hearted fun of those he is close to as he believes they won’t take it seriously. He’ll even playfully strike or grapple his friends if he feels like it is needed to lighten the mood or give them a ticking off.
  • To Allies: James will generally like to be the guy who blends into the back when it comes to being around his allies, he will speak but he’ll never be the one to bring up anything new, generally. He will however give the full extent of his knowledge if asked, and if trouble seems to be on the horizon, he will step forwards to take action first.
  • To Foes: If he has no negative personal feelings against a person he will fight them without restraint, lest it would cause them permanent injury. He will fight them fairly but always do a little more than what is apparently necessary to avoid being sucker punched. Regardless of the result, he will bear no grudges and would happily grab lunch with the person after. Unless they played excessively foul or did something far over and above what is expected.
  • To Enemies: James is the sort who’d make no effort to avoid confrontation if it is presented to him by an enemy, in fact he’d seek it. This is not by being rude or openly challenging the person, he’d annoy them with being polite and generally courtious.


  • Sushi
  • Kittens
  • Working up a sweat
  • Fancy shower soaps
  • Fights


  • Greasy food
  • Dogs
  • Bullies
  • Dirty fighters
  • Cheap shower soaps

James's family were in the skilled labour industry, focusing more on work that requires dexterity and skill rather than brute force. They earned a fair bit of money for the poor area but it wasn't enough to move, especially when young James came along. Both of his parents wanted to have a child, but neither wanted one so soon, they were only twenty one when he was born.

Despite being ahead of schedule, he was still wanted and loved by his family. He was brought up smothered by affection and even from aged 3 he craved freedom, he often tried to escape the house to no avail. His earliest memory was of his first day at pre-school aged five. He remembered somebody sharing their lunch because he'd lost his, even at such a young age he was sharp enough to know it was stolen. He was also sharp enough to know that he had no way of proving it was stolen so didn't bother anybody.

Aged six was his first encounter with fighting. His lunch went missing relatively regularly, about once a week, he always had a friend who'd be willing to share but he still went home hungry. Naturally he didn't like this so started to do some investigating, and found out who it was that was taking his lunch. At first he just asked why he was taking it, he knew it was a poor school so maybe they were starving? Nope, the guy was on the chubby side and just claimed he wanted more food. 

Having learnt it wasn't for necessity, James tried to steal it back with little success. He had never thought about fighting in his life and the other guy had experience. It wasn't as one sided though, and neither side could be deemed to have won or lost. By the time the teachers had got there they were both bruised and sore.

When he got home his family scolded him, saying he shouldn't get into fights no matter what the reason. He disagreed with his family on this point, it was naive to expect him never to fight in this part of town. The guy took his lunch, he tried to get it back, then the guy attacked him so how could he be blamed? Besides, James figured he did a good job for his first time and if he saw people throwing their weight around, why shouldn't he step in?

Over the next six years he  got into regular scuffles, about about two or three times a month, much to his parent's disapproval. If his parents paid proper attention; they'd notice that not only was James coming home less injured, but he was also fitter than he was before. He jogged to school every day and even brought books he didn't need as to make it a better work out. 

He wasn't allowed martial arts books or lessons, his family still clung to the belief that he shouldn't fight. He loved his parents, he really did, but they just didn't see that their ideals wouldn't work in the area they lived. Even if you did't look for trouble it would find you, James knew that and wanted to prepare for it. His parents would rather pay up to avoid confrontation but James refused to live his life like that. To compensate for this, James made sure to watch every fight at school he could. Beyond that he also made sure to be more passive in fights as to watch what his opponents do and learn from it.

Thirteen was the age when the class bullies were truly outmatched in a one on one fight. He had enough time to learn their moves, developed his technique and improved his fitness. This only meant the bullies started to gang up, they knew James wouldn't just let them do whatever they want to weak people so they had to try and keep him out of action or weak.

This only forced James to develop further, and when he moved to high school aged 15 he was capable of dealing with two or three people at a time. His parents arranged for him to go to the new high school without moving school, James was more than smart enough. At school his life had calmed down a lot, he almost never got into fights and he spent a great deal of his free periods and lunches studying human anatomy. Out of school was a different matter though. Every person he'd annoyed over the years still wanted to get even, and now they had connections which made them dangerous.

He had become surprisingly skilled with concealer he borrowed from a female friend of his, managing to hide the visible bruising from his fights to stop his parents worrying. It took him another year before he could effectively deal with the masses. Sixteen is also the age at which James moved out, it was stalling his ability and it would stop him having to hide his bruises, not that he got many these days.

Over the next year James kicked up the training for his body, he only had a simple two room apartment (living room, bedroom and kitchen in one room; a bathroom and shower in the other) but he still had to work in a store for thirty five hours a week to pay for it. James had very little free time in his first year of moving out, between fights, training, his job and studying he had just enough time to sleep and eat. 

This wasn't to continue though, for this year he'd saved up enough money to quit his job, freeing up a great deal of time. To keep his money topped up, he used his extensive knowledge of the human anatomy to assist the school nurse to top up his funds. He also used it as an opportunity gain access to medical supplies not so much to patch himself up, he didn't get hurt anywhere near as much or often as he used to, but to patch up anybody else who was being beaten up or mugged.

Tier: Fighter (Starts at Fighter Tier, you may opt to start, lower. Edit remaining sections appropriately)
Physical Level: 2 (Starts at 2)
HP: 482
GP: 39
Martial Art Name: Garyuu Rantou - Self-Taught Brawling
Other Names: Quarreling, Scrapping, Scuffling, "Opening A Can of Whoop-Ass"
Description: There isn't much to say about this style really. It's literally the oldest fighting style known to man, that may or may not make it the best. Usually it's situated that brawling is something that is based on freedom, how the person thinks, how they like to fight, or whatever. Absolute freedom is what it is called by many, the freedom to do anything you wish so long as you know what you're doing and not looking like a moron.

There's no set training on how one develops their fighting skills. The best training to someone who can be called an "official" brawler is fighting. Sure, they can learn some techniques through practice or imitation and they can train their muscles like any other martial artist. But when it comes right down to it, life's most natural learning tool is to take a punch to the face and learn how to dodge, or take a kick to the "family jewels" and learn not to be so stiff when fighting. So yeah, experience is the pride and joy of this "style". You don't even need to just use your fists, bring a weapon, bring twenty weapons, it doesn't matter, you're a brawler!

No two brawlers are really alike, some even have specialties in how they fight mixing up a few styles together to get the result they like most. Some may have the same moves, but how they are done, and how they use what they have is entirely based around their own mindsets. Anyone can be a brawler, so it's all about your own experiences. The most obvious thing to understand when being a brawler, is to make it your own. Use what you have around you and don't take for granted what little things can affect a battle. Dirty-fighting is a thing, just like some brawlers can be "clean" and fight honorably, there are literally no rules! You just do what comes naturally to you. That's the essence of truly "Self-taught Brawling" after all.

Specializations: Punching, kneeing, elbowing
Sub Specializations: Kicks, blocking, grappling

History: The first ever fighting style presented in history! Millions upon millions of years ago developed by homosapiens (?) who had a "spat" over their territories or "belongings". They developed this "system" of fighting, using whatever means to win and for overtaking their adversaries. It was a system of survival. Sticks, rocks, dust, it didn't matter. They fought to win, and many times played for keeps. The style grew so popular that its creation led to some of the most complex of styles being created. It is truly the birth of martial arts in its own way, and is and shall always be the forefront of any style. Brawling was interchangeable, dynamic, and most of all limitless!

Stats: 8 Stat Points//4 Skill Points

Punching [solid] 6
Kicking [solid] 5
Kneeing [solid] 4
Elbowing [solid] 4
Grappling [solid] 4
Blocking [solid] 3
Anatomical knowledge [skill] 5

Moves: (You may start any number of moves up to Tier 3. These moves will be processed and approved at the same time as your character, so keep that in mind before making 20 of them.)
Move Name Jay special Tier 3
Martial Art: Brawling
Type: Punch
Description: Somewhere between a hook and an uppercut, the Jay special is unintentionally similar to the shovel hook. It is a diagonal upwards punch utilizing a high level of momentum carrying the user’s body weight.

Move Name Helicopter armbar Tier 3
Martial Art: Brawling
Type: Grapple
Description: James grabs both of the opponent’s arms and falls backwards, aiming to make the opponent fall with him. As he's falling he thrusts his legs up, holding the opponent up whilst trying to grasp one of the arms. When he grasps one of the arms, he puts the leg on that side down and rolls to the side, initiating an armbar.

Move Name Double take kick Tier 3
Martial Art: Brawling
Type: Kick
Description: James launches a high kick that’s intentionally aimed too high, with the aim of increasing his momentum for a roundhouse kick aimed at the target’s midsection.
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PostSubject: Re: James Wilder    James Wilder  Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2016 10:11 pm

Your character has been....

James Wilder  My_sta13

You may now use this character to RP and such. Congratulations! And have fun.

HP: 482
GP: 39
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James Wilder
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