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 Kyukyoku-Do - [Permission Required]

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PostSubject: Kyukyoku-Do - [Permission Required]   Kyukyoku-Do - [Permission Required] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2016 2:31 am

Creator: Pyramidion
Martial Art Name: Kyukyoku-Do (The Ultimate Way).
Other Names: Kosa-ho no Sento (Cross-Method Combat).
Description: Kyukyokudo is a combat method that involves many features taken directly from both traditional ninjutsu and aikijutsu/aikido. The basic concept behind it is to combine the strengths of both the legendary samurai and the mythical shinobi, hopefully removing the weaknesses of both in the process. Each practitioner tends to focus on a different set of skills, developing them as they see fit, but in general their best stats are joint locks/grappling, open-handed strikes, and dodging. Still, they often prove to be quite adept at using their vast working knowledge of pressure points, their skill at countering, and their prowess with slashing weapons to great effect.

Major Specialties:

  • Joint locks
  • Dodging
  • Open-Handed Strikes

Minor Specialties:

  • Slashing
  • Pressure Points
  • Countering

History: Near the end of the sengoku era, a family of shinobi named the Tsukigawa Clan and an unknown family of samurai joined forces through matrimony. At the same time, the leaders of the clans' military forces decided to 'share notes', so to speak, trading ideas and techniques freely now that no secrets need be kept from each other. Soon they discovered that, with little effort, they could forge the two separate styles into one that would, in theory, surpass either of the others. In due time, the new shinobi forces adopted this reforged combat method, dubbing it 'the ultimate way'. Others who knew of its origins, or noticed the combination of stances and techniques, began to refer to it informally as Cross-Method Combat. The newly constructed clan took the name Ono, and began to dominate the shinobi underground with their brutally effective method of fighting. Today, it is one of the 10 most infamously efficient fighting methods in the underworld, though it is ranked differently by the individual opinion of each critic. All seem to agree, though, that it is quite impressive, even if it isn't that visually striking.


Ido-te (The Moving Hand) - 3
Martial Art: Kyukyoku-do
Type: Open-Handed Strike
Description: The user strikes near the target's center of gravity, aiming to both cause a moderate sum of damage and shove them backwards, allowing for an opportunity to duck away, hide, or generally disengage. Can also be used to gain upper ground in a fight.

Oku no Te (Many Hands) - 3
Martial Art: Kyukyokudo
Type: Open-Handed Strike
Description: The user briefly takes up a grounded stance, before launching in a direction of their choice and attacking over and over with both hands, striking randomly at the designated target, in an attempt to overwhelm defenses.

Wrist Lock - 3
Martial Art: Kyukyoku-Do
Type: Joint Lock
Description: The user snatches the target's hand, placing their thumb and palm against the back of the target's hand, wrapping their fingers around the target's wrist and bending it forcefully, efficiently locking the joint and preventing much movement at all until the lock is broken.

Intercepting the Attack - 3
Martial Art: Kyukyoku-Do
Type: Open-Handed Strike + Counter + Dodge
Description: Upon detecting an attack, the user will quickly step out around the attack in order to dodge it, then launching an attack of their own past the attacking limb of the target. The attack is generally aimed towards the target's head or chest, but can be aimed at a lower target in certain cases.

Betsu no basho ni tatte (Standing in a different location) - 3
Martial Art: Kyukyoku-Do
Type: Dodge
Description: Aptly named, this simple dodge relies only on the user detecting an attack, determining it's path, and simply backing up or side-stepping to avoid being hit altogether.

Swift Avoidance 3
Martial Art: Kyukyoku-Do
Type: Dodge
Description: With this dodge, the user simply bends or spins out of the way of up to two basic-level or free-form attacks in a row, gracefully avoiding damage from either.
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Kyukyoku-Do - [Permission Required]
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