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 Rhodes Self Defense - [Permission Required]

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PostSubject: Rhodes Self Defense - [Permission Required]   Rhodes Self Defense - [Permission Required] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2016 3:31 pm

Creator: V.Carnage
Martial Art Name: Rhodes Self Defense
Other Names: The Evolving Art
Description: Rhodes Self Defense is a majorly defensive type martial art.  It puts little emphasis on attacks of its own and instead puts more focus into stopping opponents.  For this reason it is not the best at initiation and is instead better when the opposition makes the first move.  It is, however, very good at fighting both one-on-one and many opponents at once. This fighting style is known as the Evolving Art as none of it's techniques are set in stone and are largely based on the practitioners preference as well as the opponents they are facing.  The style focuses heavily on adapting to both a spontaneous situation and an ever changing fighting world.  It is, therefore, an art that continues to change and adapt as needed.  

Specialties: Grabs, Guards, Counters
Sub-Specialties: Dodging, Adaptability, Acrobatics

History: The style was originally conceived by Eugene Rhodes.  He believed that as the world changes, so should oneself.  Throughout his whole life he learned the ways of various martial arts from around the world with his wife Valentina.  After conglomerating all that he had learned and starting a non-formal self defense school for himself, he continued to adapt and evolve the style with his students which included his single son, Maxwell.  When Eugene died at age 55 Valentina took over.  Valentina personally developed and progressed much of the style and most of what is currently taught was developed by her.  In her old age, she passed her title of Grandmaster along to her son Maxwell.
Maxwell continued teaching the art throughout his life.  He is also the current Grandmaster of the art but is nearing the time where he shall transfer the title.  The title was originally going to his eldest son Adam Rhodes, but after his tragic death Maxwell had to find someone else.  Maxwell is currently undecided between his two remaining children and twins William and Alma Rhodes as to who shall take over.  While both are Masters in the art, Alma is a better fighter and practitioner, so it is internally believed she will be the next Grandmaster.  William, however, while falling behind in combat, is noted to be a better teacher and currently runs his own public martial arts school in Blackburn, California.


Redirection - 3
Martial Art: Rhodes Self Defense
Type: Dodge
Description: A move that reacts to aggressive action by taking attacks such as punches, kicks, or potentially things like sword swings, and altering their trajectory by quickly reacting and pushing or pulling the offensive attack.  This may be performed with hand, arm, leg, etc.

Iron Grip - 3
Martial Art: Rhodes Self Defense
Type: Grab
Description: Takes an opportunity to either go for a grab or reacts to an offensive attack to take hold of something such as a wrist, fist, leg, weapon, etc.  Once caught, object is held tightly and in a way that will not injure oneself.  It is very difficult to break free from this and leaves room for follow up.  

Arm Guard - 3
Martial Art: Rhodes Self Defense
Type: Guard
Description: Moves arms in front of face parallel to each other, knuckles facing up.  Tucks in head and braces against impact and reducing damage to major parts of the body.

Follow Up - 3
Martial Art: Rhodes Self Defense
Type: Counter
Description: Either performs a block or dodge or follows up from a different move to avoid an enemy attack in such a way that puts one in a position vulnerable for the attacker.  Move is then followed up by a grab, trip, push, etc that could throw off balance, take down, or damage the attacker.

Push/Pull - 3
Martial Art: Rhodes Self Defense
Type: Grab + Counter
Description: Makes a grab at a vulnerable opponent or incoming attack.  Upon successful grab, uses unpredictable pushes and pulls to throw target off balance and force a take down or possibly a disarm.
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Rhodes Self Defense - [Permission Required]
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