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 Kendo Stuff and Mjolnir

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PostSubject: Kendo Stuff and Mjolnir   Kendo Stuff and Mjolnir Icon_minitimeFri Jan 15, 2016 12:26 am

Fast Point - Tier 4
Martial Art: Kendo
Type: Slash
Description: A single slash which is executed with blinding speed, such that those with untrained eyes are incapable of even seeing it, making it quite difficult to react to.

Gagagagagagagaga!!! - Tier 4
Martial Art: Kendo
Type: Slashing
Description: A totally fierce barrage attack which assails the foe with an uncountable number of rapid-fire slashes, all faster than the untrained eye can track, making it even that much more difficult to track. This comes with a major drawback: The user of this technique focuses entirely on attacking, and cannot defend against attacks made against them during the responding post.

Name: Mjolnir
Type: Baseball Bat
Description: In its base form it looks like a typical aluminum bat, weighing in at around 40 oz (2.5 lbs). The handle is wrapped with a rubber grip. When activated, the bat turns black, and gains a silver cylindrical weight around the tip, twice the width of the bat itself, and about 10 inches long. This increases the punching power.
Tier 8
Active Form
Teleports or Levitates back to hand
Enhance Borrowed Power
Enhance Combat

Tier 10
Electrical Enhancement
Lightning Manipulation
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Kendo Stuff and Mjolnir
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