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 Sei Ken Oni [WIP]

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Sei Ken Oni

Sei Ken Oni

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PostSubject: Sei Ken Oni [WIP]   Sei Ken Oni [WIP] Icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2016 9:28 pm

Sei Ken Oni [WIP] Light_saber_user_kirito_by_rikulaw-d5izqj5

Name: Sei Ken Oni
Age: 15
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

Attitude: General disposition towards others as a whole, followed by the quirks they maintain no matter who is being dealt with.

  • To Friends: How they act differently around their friends. Include any extra quirks that develop.
  • To Allies: How they will act towards people who aren't necessarily their friends, but are at least not mistrusted.
  • To Foes: How they will act to general people opposing them.
  • To Enemies: How they will act to people who they don't like, and that don't like them.


  • At
  • Least
  • Three


  • At
  • Least
  • Three

This may be as long or short as you want, minimum of a single 3 sentence paragraph. If you so wish, you may PM your history to an Admin or Moderator, and delete this section entirely, so as to maintain a 'mysterious origins' kind of deal.

Tier: Fighter
Physical Level: 2
Martial Art Name: Kentojūdo
Other Names: Street Kendo; Dirty Kendo
Description: Kentojūdo is a derivative of Kendo taught in the streets of Low-Key City. Practitioners often use a wakizashi (shortsword) in their dominant hand and a suppressed semi-automatic pistol in the off-hand. They use their swords as their primary weapon with the gun only supplementing the sword through the use of trick shots and taking advantage of gun recoil to increase mobility. Sensei often teach to to never aim a gun at a person’s vitals unless absolutely necessary. This martial art  does not have any formal dojos as it is not considered a legitimate martial art by many. The downside of this art is that users often cannot aim their pistols accurately at a target due to it being in the off hand. Also, firing the pistol makes a very audible noise, despite it being suppressed, so blind opponents may easily track your position despite lack of vision.

Specializations: Slashing; Dodging; Trick Shooting
Sub-specializations: Kicking; Improvisation; Countering

History: A few years ago, the founder of Kentojūdo, Mao Omi, was a teen living deep in the slums of Low-Key City. He was not particularly strong or important, so he was a prime target for the Vipers. Every day they would steal the little money he’d earned at his part-time job and every time he couldn’t pay, he’d get beaten up. After a few years of this abuse, he’d finally grown tired of it. He couldn’t afford to take martial arts classes, however, so he had to teach himself how to fight. He’d taken a sword passed down to him through many generations and taught himself how to wield it. He practiced it every day for a year before he chose to face the Vipers in a fight. However, he was overwhelmed by sheer numbers. He was unable to face them alone with only a sword.

Unsure of how to handle his new circumstances, he considered giving up the fight. He’d walked into a pawn shop ready to give up his sword when a robbery began to take place. This robber was equipped with a Five-Seven pistol, which were normally found all the way in America. The robber threatened to shoot anyone who moved; however, Mao’s conscience wouldn’t allow him to allow this robbery to take place. He grabbed his sword and struck the robber from behind, knocking him to the floor. Suddenly, a group of Vipers dashed through the door to attack him. Knowing he couldn’t fight them with only his sword, he grabbed the gun from the fallen robber. He fired the pistol down at a nearby Viper while flinching backward. He noticed that he was launching himself backward with the shot that missed. With this enlightenment, he charged at the gangsters with his sword, using his gun to greater increase his maneuverability. When he was finished, he was again enlightened to share his art.

Until his eventual death, he ran a small “dojo” of sorts. He taught other bullied children his art in an alleyway near his apartment. However, after his death, the art was nearly lost. Many of his students did not run “dojos” of their own and those who did found very little success, attracting very small audiences. However, this art is still practiced by a select few.

Slashing [Weapon]: 8(4)
Trick Shooting [Weapon]: 5(1)
Dodging [Solid]: 5(1)
Kicking [Solid]: 3(1)
Improvisation [Abstract]: 3(1)
Countering [Solid]: 2(0)
Shooting [Weapon]: 1(0)
Acrobatics [Skill]: 5(4)

Moves: (You may start with any number of moves up to Tier 3. These moves will be processed and approved at the same time as your character, so keep that in mind before making 20 of them.)
(False) Bullet Charge - Tier 3
Martial Art: Kentojūdo
Type: False Shooting
Description: The user charges at the opponent while firing three bullets near the target. This move is used to set up for an attack, as the intention is to make the opponent try to avoid the shot, therefore knocking the opponent off balance.

Enhanced Aerial Cartwheel - Tier 3
Martial Art: Kentojūdo
Type: Dodging/Acrobatics
Description: The user fires a bullet toward the ground beside him and launches hikself into the air, performing a side flip in midair in order to evade an attack.

Move Name - Tier
Martial Art:
Type: (Punch, Kick, Block, Wind Manipulation?)

Move Name - Tier
Martial Art:
Type: (Punch, Kick, Block, Wind Manipulation?)

Move Name - Tier
Martial Art:
Type: (Punch, Kick, Block, Wind Manipulation?)
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Sei Ken Oni [WIP]
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