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 Cannabis Fist - [Permission Required]

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PostSubject: Cannabis Fist - [Permission Required]   Cannabis Fist - [Permission Required] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2016 2:07 am

Creator: Edgiest Reggie
Martial Art Name: Cannabis Fist
Other Names: Cannafist, Stoned Style,
Description: Cannafist is great when fighting any opponent, while the style makes the user slower on reaction speed, it is made up in the users ability to take a hit and make them damn near impossible to follow. The unpredictability helps give the 'slower' fighter the edge. The stance is very sloppy and seems more like a drunken pace than a fighting stance.

[*]Air Displacement

[*]Fall Recovery


Before his birth, before his Mother was even on scene, Hono's father had lived where the family does now, his death giving the deed to his Mother, and he was an avid martial arts trainer. His Father held a believe that to find perfect balance of ones mind and body. To truly find the inner peace needed for martial arts, one must find a way to meditate whilst engaged in combat. He spent his life working to find a way to place himself in a trance like state while still being physically aware enough to fight. After a few years of failure, he found himself spending more time at the bar than in his make-shift dojo training.

By pure chance, Hono's Father sat in a drunken daze at the bar when a fight broke our. Of course, it all started over something as petty as a spilt drink, but no one seemed to care. People didn't need a reason to want to fight, people around her just felt it in their blood, in their bones. Papa staggered to his feet and wobbled in place as a man threw a punch, completely missing him; through his drunken haze, a dusty light bulb took on light. He need to something, a conduit of sorts.

In the end, after spending much of his lack of money on medical bills for his failing liver, he found that to constantly be able to keep up the martial art, he would need to be able to freely in take whatever it was, in turn creating Cannabis Fist. Using the inebriation from the, the wobbliness, the sporadic random thoughts which all would be found as flaws; he took them and harnessed them into a style, letting his body flow freely as it wished and rather than dodge, he just tried not to fall. Surprising effective!

The trance that is brought on, the state it brings you to allows you to connect with nature around you able to sense energy and punch the living shit out of it.

Move Name Cannabis Fist! Tier 1
Martial Art: Cannabis Fist
Type: Punch
Description: Hono's hardest, strongest right hand swing.

Move Name Stoners Stumble Tier 3
Martial Art: Cannabis Fist
Type: Dodge, Stance
Description: Allowing his body to toss and turn as gravity wills him, he slips past punches and rolls, tosses and tumbles with each hit to avoid serious damage and find an opening.
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Cannabis Fist - [Permission Required]
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