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 A Very Humble Abode: Home Away From Home

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A Very Humble Abode: Home Away From Home Empty
PostSubject: A Very Humble Abode: Home Away From Home   A Very Humble Abode: Home Away From Home Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2016 1:01 pm

Grandiose. What an understatement for such a noble thicket of pines and evergreens. The climate was all too nostalgic for him; this scene reminding him of the home he left behind. Hono split away the Mother who raised him with her country adamantine attitude. Nowadays he found himself alone for the first time, embarking into an unknown land. The venture ahead of him would be rough, suicidal at best, but this was what needed to be done. Alone for the first time was hard enough, though to do so as his own person would be a feat for one so young. What he would call a walkabout, others would only label stupidity. The young man was ignorant, just as ignorant as one person could be in such a violent society. The ignorant adolescent could feel the contrast of what he thought the world was comparatively to what his world was to what the world was really like. He found himself in a place where the weak die, the kind are abused and the generous starve in the street and felt near helpless as he Hono watched it all, in misery and despair. Accepting this reality, the 'true reality', that the world held was something that Hono refused whole-heartily.

After a short term spent searching for knowledge, in search of a new life for him and his mother, Hono found a quaint little place. The peace was a perfect representation of the life he grew to know and love. A the very warm, yet temperate blue sky was at rest with no clouds in sight. The light streamed through every crack, crevice, nook and cranny of the canopy above. The beams and rays gleamed and illuminated the forest floor bit by bit. The lime-greens mixed in to the darker dulcet tones. It was here, where the grass and flora seemed to glow.

Here, where Hono found himself, the woods canopy before him seemed to have been open by the Gods there very selves; it looked like God moved what would be considered, his Underbrush to bring fertile life to a very dark, previously dead Earth ground. The surrounding  area was death, truly. It was loud, harmful and ugly; being in the very presence of the wood hurt Hono on levels that could not be understood or described with any word in any dictionary. Though this area, this little clearing was layered in a myriad of colors. Greens, yellows and blues mixed together before his eyes; the flowers that lined and carpet the forest floor swayed with the gentle wind.

"This... this is home." he said with a wicked smile and a massive sigh.

Without another thought, Hono plopped to his bottom and began to smoke, pulling a rolled smoke from behind his ear, fishing it out from his flaming crimson hair. It took him no time to light it, using a piece of glass and the power of the sun to heat the dry herb before it began to smoke. The Would-be Adventurer new the importance of R & R.
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A Very Humble Abode: Home Away From Home
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