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 Sample of Character Template Filled Out

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PostSubject: Sample of Character Template Filled Out   Sample of Character Template Filled Out Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2015 1:46 am

This sample assumes that you have read all of the Rules and Templates thoroughly. If you have not, please do so, or there may prove to be some confusion.

Sample of Character Template Filled Out 430625_1346476459447_400_300

Name: John Doe
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 140 lb (65.5 kg)

Attitude: John is an upbeat and confident guy who isn't particularly bright, but makes up for it with a good heart. He's always trying his hardest, and doesn't back down from a challenge, no matter its nature.

  • To Friends: Around his friends, he likes to act like a superman. He's always looking to impress his friends, in ways that he can. He's more prone to sharing emotional status in person. Asides that he makes jokes, and may start friendly physical altercations for silly reasons.
  • To Allies: John is hyperactive, and that doesn't go away around allies. People who are on his side will find themselves burdened with an upbeat and optimistic fellow who's foresight is lacking, and he doesn't work well with plans. He may come off as annoying, possibly even insane due to his perseverance.
  • To Foes: He's not much for talking in a fight, and is more of the opinion that their fists should do the talking. There's not much to gauge of his personality when engaging in any conflict, he's very to the point. He still remains confident in terms of body language.
  • To Enemies: An enemy is a friend who needs to learn how it is. He's super preachy, and tries to convince people he doesn't like to change their ways. It's actually probably what made them enemies to begin with really. He has no reservations about throwing consistent and rude complaints at his enemies, even though he really should.


  • Tigers
  • Morning Cereal
  • Kung-Fu Movies


  • Wolves
  • Vegetables
  • Romantic Flicks

He was born in Middletown in Blackburn, where he was raised in a relatively normal family, except that his dad was a Karate Instructor. He learned Karate from his dad growing up, and because of it, he's never really had troubles. He used to be a bully in middle school, but one day he made a nerd friend, and after that, he sort of mellowed out. He's not abandoned his training, obviously, but he's stopped bullying others, and seeks more to make friends.

Tier: Fighter
Physical Level: 2
HP: -- (Rolled 348)
GP: -- (Rolled 27)
Martial Art Name: American Karate
Other Names: Self Defense
Description: American Karate is a less formal and more directly practice form of the Karate sporting method, which focuses more on self defense learned from sparring sessions than any formal or spiritual approaches. This form of Karate is more a style of cross-training involving workout methods paired with practical sparring sessions, with occasional practice of standard self defense techniques, hoping to create a practical fighting style which is in everything that the practitioners do. Because it doesn't rely on strict teachings, only a few practiced moves and katas, the style is very adaptable, though its lack of full discipline makes for a difficult time 'mastering' it.

Specialties: Punching, Kicking, Improvisation
Sub-Specialties: Kata, Blocking, Air Displacement
History: American Karate was founded in some time after 1946 when US Navy veteran learned Karate and brought it home to spread to those who would learn it from him. While what he taught was Karate, at some point it sort of degenerated into a sport, designed purely for tournament style matches, teaching the best ways to score points instead of how to fight, which for its time period wasn't a bad thing. However in the recent era, the Sporting style has been stripped down to its core, and instead of teaching Karate, students have begun being taught how to condition their body to be ready to fight, and they get all their training through combat practice instead. It's reached the point where it's almost impolite to call it Karate at all, it's a new martial art altogether, focusing on practical self defense more than discipline.

Stats: 8 Stat Points//4 Skill Points
Punching [Solid]: 6
Kicking [Solid]: 6
Improvisation [Abstract]: 4
Kata [Solid]: 2
Blocking [Solid]: 4
Air Displacement [Abstract]: 4
Leadership [Skill]: 3
Mental Math [Skill]: 3

Haymaker - Tier 1
Martial Art: American Karate
Type: Punch
Description: A wild and ferocious attack which swings his fist wide and viciously towards the opponent's face with no guard.

Iron Defense Stance - Tier 3
Martial Art: American Karate
Type: Block
Description: A stance which, when entered causes his muscles to tense up to the point where he can take hits without sustaining damage. He can manage 24 damage (240 from a civilian) before he feels any damage being dealt to him. He cannot attack in this stance an he must sustain an even breathing method or his muscles may falter.

Roundhouse - Tier 3
Martial Art: American Karate
Type: Kick
Description: A powerful kick which utilizes a twisting of the hips to deliver the leg to the foe in question's side, viably knocking them aside should they not be ready for it.
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Sample of Character Template Filled Out
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