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 Systems: Updating Character Sheets

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Systems: Updating Character Sheets Empty
PostSubject: Systems: Updating Character Sheets   Systems: Updating Character Sheets Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2016 9:03 pm

Wow, that was an amazing storyline, full of drama, characters developing, and even a wicked fight scene at the climax! The moderator has finished judging your thread, you quiver to think of the possibilities of what they might have rewarded you with. With anticipation, you click on the thread once more to see the Moderator's reply. Indeed it was everything you'd hoped it would be. You've earned enough Experience Points to Level Up, as well as a few points to add to your stats due to your outstanding roleplay skills.

So you decide to glance on over to your character. But... none of that stuff that was mentioned in the Judgment post is there? What's this nonsense!? You demand your earnings!

Relax, bro. You can have them. Keeping up with your character sheet is up to you. There's only a couple of rules to keep in mind.

1: Do Not Wantonly Edit

Your character sheet is left editable even in the approved section specifically for the purposes of easing the load on the staff. It is not open so that you can rewrite your character's history from scratch every time a new idea strikes your fancy. Please do not abuse this privilege and convenience. If you simply MUST rewrite your character's history, personality, or anything of the like, please Private Message an active Staff Member, and work it out with them. This is to make sure your character information remains acceptable, and also keep your character's continuity in tact if possible.

2: Only Edit In Staff-Approved Information

This goes hand in hand with rule 1. Basically, you are free to edit in the information regarding your character's advancement from Judgement Posts at the end of threads. If you level up (See: Systems: Leveling Up and PvP Rules), you are allowed to edit in the appropriate data from leveling up, including altering your tier (when appropriate), changing the level number itself, and also allocating the earned Stat Points (See: Stats and Martial Arts Rules). The points you gain from leveling up are separate from (and additive to) any Stat Points earned from Storylines.

In order to add anything else to the app, including Moves, your Borrowed Power, a National Treasure, you must get it approved by a staff member in the appropriate section. This does not apply to such things you may have earned in the Judgement Post, as such things will be detailed in said post and approved by the staff member rewarding them to you. Keep in mind that any of the things thus far listed can be gained as rewards alongside EXP, and are in addition to things you may already have, not instead of.

3: Keep a Visible Log of your Edits

Whenever you edit your Character, begin and keep an updated Edit Log somewhere visible on your character sheet. In this Log you should note of the date you edit your sheet, where the edits were approved from, and what edits were made. Maintain a brief mannerism with it, so they are easy to find and get the point across.


And that's it! That's everything you need to keep in mind when you go off to edit your character sheet! This makes it easier for the staff members to also be members of the site, since they don't have to be editing everything themselves, thus giving them more time to either relax and hang out with everyone else, or get even more staff work done!
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Systems: Updating Character Sheets
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