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Leo North

Leo North

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PostSubject: Kazuya Kitaki   Kazuya Kitaki Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 4:36 pm

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Name: Leo North (Kazuya Kitaki)
Gender: Male ♂
Age: 17
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight: 176 lb (80 kg)


Attitude: Leo, like many in his family, believes in working incredibly hard to get things done. He likes to work incredibly hard, and rarely takes the 'easy' route when going about his day to day activities, only breaking this trend when absolutely necessary. He is known to always finish what he starts, and often goes well out of his way to see things done, and will even cause this way of doing things to extend to others around them, picking up their slack and finishing whatever they were doing. Of course, this doesn't extend on his enemies trying to kill him, or anything so ridiculous, but many would say he may be obsessed with 'completion'.

Unlike his father, however, he is prone to lying. In fact, he has a habit to lie about things that he otherwise would not need to, sometimes even hindering many people around him. While he's not exactly stuck on lying, regardless, the sheer volume of lies he does spout happen to make those who have heard of him consider him a hard person to believe about anything, even simple things like his own name. However, when he does choose to tell the truth, it is typically in situations that are important (as he sees it), and so he isn't completely impossible to believe or depend on...just very hard to.

Leo is also fairly laid back, despite his normally hard-working demeanor, causing him to not take many actual jobs that are offered to him (or at least wishing he could avoid them) and spending a lot of his free time simply relaxing. This part of him simply means that he's calm and cool in most situations, and even allowing him to remain perfectly calm in ever the worst sort of situations; it allows him to think through circumstances easily enough, and even fight pat grief in order to see the real answer to what he should do.

Leo is, naturally, incredibly obsessive; when he likes something, he obsesses over the thing continuously, never wavering from what he wants to do with it, but also to the point that he will put all of his effort into it, often leaving him drained and exhausted. Or often to the point where he finds himself unable to complete tasks that the had set out to do prior to obtaining a new obsession, often leading to him obsessing over the thing he had forgotten about in order to obsess over the thing he finished. This has a constant trend of making him fairly odd in relationship, and he often ends up coming off as slightly 'crazy' to those who don't know him all that well.

Funny enough, Leo is also incredibly confident, well on its way to arrogance. He believes he is truly good at what he does, and often finds it hard to understand when others best him. While he can be aware of those stronger, he often figures that its only because he had failed to train just hard enough, and opts to focus on training even more, working himself to exhaustion, and often keeping him from doing much else but train. Often times, it is hard to get him out of this train of thought, and he often finds himself struggling with trying to work with others with any capacity that said they were even. As a result, he tends to be a loner, often spending his time alone due to many not being able to handle his superior attitude.

Despite his faults, however, Leo is not a bad person; he does not wish any ill will on anyone other than his worst enemies, and will often do what he can to help inspiring individuals along the way. He tends to be very helpful, indeed, and tries to help others as much as he can without making it hard for himself, which he often fails at due to his inherent nature. Much time is spent on others, despite the way he acts, and he often takes on burdens that could be seen as far too much for a single individual, much less an entire group.

  • To Friends: Around his friends, Leo acts much like he usually does, if not even more lazy and laid back. Typically, he takes things in stride, and often doesn't bother caring about trivial things like feels; he does what he does, and it typically turns out to be exactly what he wants. However, one thing that differentiates the way he is with his friends, and generally any other, is the fact that he is honest around them, and not even just in comparison to how he usually acts. He is open, and far more easier to rely upon, even helping them in things he normally wouldn't, if they were any others, such as willingly taking on their work, without even thinking about how much of a chore it could be.

  • To Allies: To allies, he isn't much different than his default; detached, laid back, and a liar. However, when doing this sort of thing, he finds himself having a much more common level of truth; rather than lying with every single word, he lies much less often--especially when cooperating with them--and will even willingly divulge information he gathers that could be useful to them, believing that if they are better of, so, too, will he be in the long run, and sometimes transparency in certain things an lead to situations turning out much better.

  • To Foes: He dislikes those that get in his way. Thus, he tends to dislike those that oppose what he's doing. To him, those that oppose his way of life may as well be enemies, though he understands that not everyone who he is up against could be considered his greatest nemesis. While he tends to dislike foes--or, rather, having them to begin with--he shows his own level of respect to those who respect him, and typically opts  not to use his talents to bring them down with ruthless aggression, unless necessary.

  • To Enemies: He hates enemies. If someone had actually managed to get so far on his shit list to be called such, it means they have done something truly terrible. He hates them, and wishes to be rid of them as soon as possible, just to remove such stains from the earth. At this point, if one actually manages to become an enemy, he will actually actively consider different means to deal with them, so as he would not have to either cross paths with them again, or take out whatever vengeance is necessary; additionally, he finds it incredibly hard to work with enemies, and to actually consider them allies.


  • Trainin'
  • Fightin' Spirit
  • Women


  • Bad Losers
  • Fangirls
  • Fanboys


The kitaki had long since been a family that had played host to those that acted as hosts for gods and other beings of power. While the number of hosts were few--only every few generations or so managing to find one that is even a possible host--in times where a host was born, it ushered in a new level of prosperity into the family, in multiple different ways.

Before him, his father had played host to the powerful entity, shiva, who had selected him at random, and found that he was able to contain his power. Upon his creation, it was found that Kazuya would make a far more compatible host for the god's power, and, thus, preparations were made for the future transfer.

...It was a success.

Life was fairly average for young Kazuya, up until his fifth birthday, where he was trained by his father in the art of the kitaki Drunken Fist. It was hard going, as the art took incredible conditioning, and required immense stamina and skill in order to actually pull off. And, despite him being a 'chosen one', it was a rule of thumb for the family to allow a host a level of normalcy, so that whatever future they have will not be influenced by the family; free choice was important.

It was well into his junior year when it happened.

Some bully--who was known as the 'bancho' of the school had decided it was  good idea to pick on him...and was rewarded with a broken nose, arm, and leg. In that order.

He was sent to another school.

Another school, another fight, another expulsion.

Eventually, his mother--who had expected his father to do something--had left the man, given that he seemed to encourage the use of his talents to defend himself, as long as he knew to hold back; only kick against those too weak to handle real force.

And so the string of schools that continued to happen, and, eventually, young Kazuya found himself unable to get in one, no matter how hard his mother tried to find one who could handle someone of his particular...type.

Eventually, she had talked to his father, in order to send him to the one place that she though accepted this sort of behavior; America.

The bags were packed, and he was on his way there, arriving in California several hours later. It didn't take long for him to get settled, though the place his father had rented out--a small shack of an apartment in middle town--applying for a school there, and finding that, indeed, he had to fight much less.

Which was nice, even if he didn't necessarily enjoy the fact that he no longer had the excuse to fight people

With time without fights, he was able to redouble his training.

The speech came and went, and, unlike many--who had felt they had become stronger afterwards--he found himself nearly unaffected, instead opting to continue on his day to day activities, mostly ignoring this business of fighting these strong gang members or whatever it was, for the sake of simply continuing with his life.

And so he continues.

Tier: Fighter
Physical Level: 2
HP: 656
GP: 41
Martial Art Name: Kitaki Drunken Fist
Other Names: Drunken Kickboxing
Description: Drunken style is among the most difficult styles of wushu due to the need for advanced basic requirements. Its intangible, heavy sloshing power is gained through training the body to be soft and agile through basic training and the drunken forms. While in fiction practitioners of zui quan are portrayed as being actually drunk, zui quan techniques are highly acrobatic and require a great degree of balance and coordination, such that attempting to perform these moves while drunk is dangerous, if not impossible.

Drinking, swaying, and falling with great momentum are used to fight. This power must be from softness and heaviness. Even the most unusual parts of the body are actively used to attack and defend. The main hand gesture imitates holding a small cup of wine. The Kitaki family variation of this art, however, takes the rest of the basis from Japanese kickboxing, utilizing the swaying movements of the art of the drunken fist, while also focusing more on legitimate punches. The style itself is focusing on the seemingly unbalanced way of movement, requiring incredible flexibility and balance, focusing on using kicks to unbalance the enemy and get them in the rhythm to defend against them, before utilizing much more powerful punches (which i a main focus of the art), using the unpredictable movements to make it much harder to defend against a skilled user.

Specialties: Punches, Unpredictability, Dodging
Sub-Specialties: Kicks, Flexibility, Stances

History: The technical features of zui quan are based on imitating a drunkard. The main body method is called sloshing, which refers to "Hollow Body, Wine Belly" concept, as though the body is hollow and the lower abdomen (丹田; dantian) is filled with wine (instead of Qi), which travels through the body adding power to the movements.[2] The postures are driven by weight and momentum of the whole body, staggering around, creating sudden power from awkward positions, and fluidity in the movements and transitions from one pose to another. Drunken body style seems peculiar and off-balance, but it is actually in balance.

The Daoist origin story is about the famous 8 immortals getting drunken and unruly at a party for the earth mother and had to be ejected. Which of course did not work and they duly beat all the guards with their drunken kung fu. The great immortal Zhog Li Quan (the teacher of the immortal group) then appeared at a later time to a Taoist who was taught the method of their Drunken Boxing.

The Kitaki Family, being a family that had some known Drunken Fist masters in the past, had made many variations to the style, and, Leo's father had designed yet another addition, carried over from a past--but incomplete--variation that was made during the height of Japanese Kickboxing coming into style. Thus, it mimicked many of the mannerisms, and shied away from the typical style that it derived from, in favor of actually making use of the 'boxing' the style was dubbed with.

Stats: 8 Stat Points // 4 Skill Points

Punches [Solid]: 8 (4)
Unpredictability [Abstract]: 5 (1)
Dodging [Abstract]: 4
Kicks [Solid]: 3 (1)
Flexibility [Abstract]: 3 (1)
Stances [Abstract]: 3 (1)
Calmness [Skill]: 3
Balance [Skill]: 3

Key Form:


Wobble - 3
Martial Art: Kitaki Drunken Fist
Type: Unpredictability, Punch
Description: A simple act, where the user seems to have lost balance, but lashes out with a quick, heavy jab, using the momentum behind the unsettled movement to add force to it, simultaneously making it hard to predict.

Shake - 3
Martial Art: Kitaki Drunken Fist
Type: Unpredictability, Kick
Description: A motion that sees the user shakes, seemingly uncontrollably, before lashing out with a kick, using the side to side motion of the shake to add momentum to the blow, with the act making it hard to predict.

Rattle - 3
Martial Art: Kitaki Drunken Fist
Type: Unpredictability, Punch
Description: An act that sees the user stumbling back, yet lashing out with a strong uppercut during the action, making it much harder to predict than usual.

Roll - 3
Martial Art: Kitaki Drunken Fist
Type: Unpredictability, Kick
Description: A motion where the user seems to have fallen, though they quickly turn the apparent fall into a swift roll, which is made to sweep the opponent's legs out from under them.

Stumble - 3
Martial Art: Kitaki Drunken Fist
Type: Unpredictability, Punch
Description: A motion where the user seems to have stumbled, flailing and falling to the ground. In reality, however, the user has move in perfect balance, causing him to fall in a way that puts a spin on their fall, allowing them to use the spin's momentum to send a punch flying towards any opponent fool enough to advance. Due to the way it is done, however, the move is incredibly hard to predict, and, thus, allows the user the ability to better fool foes.

Tipsy Roll - 3
Martial Art: Kitaki Drunken Fist
Type: Unpredictability, Punch
Description: A move, based on the Dempsey Roll, where the user lowers their stance akin to a drunk pitching forward to vomit, increasing their central balance and begins to aggressively weave their body in a pattern similar to the shape of a figure eight, similar to that same drunk swaying on his feet, making it increasingly difficult for the opponent to trace their movements accurately This is followed up by a series of rapidly executed punches whilst continuing their bobbing and weaving, catching the target in a high paced barrage of punches that few succeed on escaping from.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya Kitaki   Kazuya Kitaki Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2016 2:57 pm

Alright then. Having gone through all the motions to get this to happen, I'm happy to say that this all checks out.

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